Red State

Kevin Smith delivers an intriguing but flawed look the state of American (and western) society in his latest picture. Since I first saw Dogma, what must have been 12 or so years ago, I have been an avid follower of the work of Kevin Smith. From the genius of Clerks, and the other ‘Askewniverse’ films,... Continue Reading →

BBC Introducing Guernsey: March 2012

I was back on the radio tonight with another BBC Introducing Guernsey show featuring two hours of Unsigned, Undiscovered and Under The Radar music from around the Bailiwick of Guernsey. This month we featured a live session and interview from young musician Jack Heywood and we chatted to Mark Guillou about the Rock of Ages... Continue Reading →

Frank Turner – Sleep Is For The Week

The debut album from the now world-renowned folk-punk troubadour hints at what was to come while being a satisfying collection in its own right. This week I was very excited when an LP shaped package bearing an Xtra Mile Recordings sticker found its way through my letterbox, and that was because I knew it contained... Continue Reading →

WWE – The Best of King of the Ring

WWE present a flawed but still fascinating look back at their King of the Ring tournaments and pay-per-view shows on this new DVD collection. Reviewing anything to do the ‘sport’ of professional wrestling is always a challenge due to the very nature of the product itself, but that said I’m going to have a go... Continue Reading →

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