BBC Introducing Guernsey: February 2012

So I was back on the radio tonight presenting BBC Introducing Guernsey (my ‘normal’ show), we were joined by the guys from the Chaos festival (which happens in July) as well as having a live session from Tonight The Skies and a re-run of my interview with Jack Fletcher from last week.

You can listen to the show here.

The track list for the show was:

  1. The Risk — Little Miss Fortune

  2. Last of the Light Brigade — Little Billy

  3. Tank — New Mind Set

  4. Autumn Curtis-Summers — Autumn Soul Road

  5. Upper Odessy — Blurred Visions

  6. The Roughneck Riot — Down and Out

  7. Psylopsyb — Wtf

  8. The Roughneck Riot — Same Again Tomorrow

  9. Alice CooperAlice Cooper — No More Mr Nice Guy

  10. The Coalbox Generals — Bleed The Crow [live]

  11. Johnny Lives! — Parking Lot

  12. Tonight The Skies — Mexico [live]

  13. Tonight The Skies — Homesick Lullaby [live]

  14. Hollie Lucia (with James Le Huray) — Scales Weights [live]

  15. Hollie Lucia (with James Le Huray) — Deep Down [live]

  16. Jack Heywood — No Need To Worry

  17. Earthcorpse — Trail of Tears

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