Ferox and Third Time Lucky videos (full songs) and a little bit of Thee Jenerators

Some more Guernsey gig videos from a few years back.

First up is Ferox, Guernsey’s premier exponents of death metal in recent years.

Sadly no longer making their terribly great noise the band put out one album, Insides Out At The Mortuary Gates, which is well worth a listen if you like your metal a bit on the deathly side.

You can read my review of the gig for BBC Guernsey, which also featured The Escape Fall (two members of which are now in CourageHaveCourage), Perpetual of the Blinding and If All Else Fails here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/guernsey/content/articles/2007/02/05/ub_st_margarets_lodge_0202_review_feature.shtml

This next one is a bit more on the pop-rock side of things and is from Third Time Lucky who were certainly one of the biggest draws in original pop-punk-rock in the island in their day.

Their one album, Love Etc, is also worth a look if you your rock with a bit of pop.

You can read my review of this gig for BBC Guernsey, and check out the photos from it, here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/guernsey/content/articles/2007/07/16/ub_3tl_escape_fall_golden_lion_1407_feature.shtml

And a bonus extra, a very short clip of Thee Jenerators getting going at The Golden Lion:

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