The Nelkons and My Last Victory videos

Some more videos from Guernsey gigs back in the day (I will post some other stuff soon, I promise).

This first one is from the first time I saw the band The Nelkons who I instantly thought were a great band.

Since this they have released an album, Last Goodbye, which is well worth a look if you can track it down (probably easiest to get directly via the band unless they got rid of all the copies) and more recently they have morphed into the folk rock act The Space Pirates of Rocquaine.

Anyway, this was recorded on a Wednesday night at The Doghouse and is a track called Come.

My review of the gig for BBC Guernsey can be found here:

This second video is from one of the top metal bands to come out of the island in recent years and these guys in their prime really are still the benchmark for metalcore on the island.

My Last Victory were around for a good few years and put out an album and an EP in that time both of which are worth a listen (again best contact the former band members who are now in She Haunts The Roads, So Cold The River, Of Empires and Destria amongst others).

The song is called This Summer There Will Be No Mercy.

My review and photos from the gig for BBC Guernsey can be seen here:

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