Thee Jenerators and The Bensons videos

Continuing my uploading of mostly never before seen videos from gig in Guernsey over the last few years we have these two.

The first comes from the first time I ever saw Thee Jenerators play. This is a band I have followed since with a possibly worrying interest and have done my best to catch all the gigs of their I can since (the frontman climbing on the bar mid-gig will have this effect, along with some truly storming retro-garage rock).

Anyway here is the clip, I think the song is called On A Roll, it’s not the whole song but gives a good idea of the cosy intensity gigs like this had at The Golden Lion a few years back.

Again done when getting pics for BBC Introducing Guernsey in its early days as BBC Guernsey Unsigned, you can read the review here:

This next one was recorded at The Bensons’ album launch gig for their full length release Tardrobe Wardis at the Fermain Tavern and while not music is still a performance!

As ever the band appeared in costume and this has to be one of their most spectacular efforts as the night also included crowd members taking part in game show based skits to win copies of the album and T-Shirts. The man on mic here is Grant Sharkey or Southampton’s Toupe who provided support on the night.

Both The Bensons and Toupe are well worth a look and there is something of an ongoing campaign to get The Bensons back together on stage.

Read my review and see the photos of the whole night here:

One thought on “Thee Jenerators and The Bensons videos

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  1. Wow…. that seems like a long time ago… watching that I found myself grinning from ear to ear!! Good times and good memories.
    We had a little re-union this year for a few gigs…. have been asked to play Chaos too… dont know but who..knows, maybe.
    Thanks Tom and see ya at a gig.

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