Third Time Lucky and Spat videos

So in going through some of the photos on my hard drive I’ve found some older videos of band’s in Guernsey. It’s all a mix of clips and full songs taken at gigs in 2006-2008 while getting photos for BBC Introducing Guernsey and its forerunner BBC Guernsey Unsigned.

I thought I may as well upload them to YouTube as I have a channel there and a lot of them have never been seen.

The quality is shaky at best as they were taken on a small hand-held digital camera, but anyway, I hope you enjoy, here’s the first couple and I’ll put more up and post them here as I get a chance.

Third Time Lucky playing at The Golden Lion in St Peter Port on 29th July 2006

This was the first gig I officially covered for BBC Guernsey Unsigned (the forerunner to BBC Introducing Guernsey) and support was from FireFly.

Was a great gig and part of the reason I still really dig Third Time Lucky today, I’d encourage everyone to check them out (even though they aren’t around any more, as they had some great tunes and did put out an album)

Review of the gig and a link to the photos of it here:

Spat playing a Chaos Night at the KGV on 23rd September 2006

First punk band I’d seen over here in a while, I remember being impressed. The rest of the night featured a mish-mash of bands and styles including The Spitshine Blues Band, Said In Silver and Bald Justice, members of whom are all still playing around Guernsey and the UK.

Review and pics here:

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