CourageHaveCourage‘s debut physical release is about as perfect a slice of the current brand of crossover pop rock you are likely to find.

Combining hooky guitars and vocals with one of the strongest live rhythm sections I’ve seen in a long time these five boys from the Channel Island of Guernsey seem to have what it takes to go far.

The disc kicks off with a track that should be the anthem for many teenage summers. All Night Long bristles with the same energy you only get spending time on the beach as the sun sets.

This is followed by Say Enough, a track the band have been toying with since they first got together which is a prime slice of pop rock that combines the sounds of Sugar We’re Going Down era Fallout Boy with a fabulously crisp and shiny pop production.

Thematically All Yours and Hold TIght hint at some of the past emo leanings displayed by some of the band members in their previous projects but, once again, given the new upbeat Courage Have Courage treatment that rather than wallowing in a sense of teenage desolation, ends with a positive feeling and yet more of this bands seemingly relentless energy.

Settle continues this positive vibe which seems to be something the band pride themselves in both in terms of music and, having spoken to them several times during their development, in life as well – something to be commended in a music industry that often seems mired in cynicism or misery (or a combination of the two).

Penultimate track Still Young revels in the youthful enthusiasm that has already come to be a highlight of Courage Have Courage’s sound and performance style and while in the hands of many this may come across as cynically planned Courage Have Courage give off a genuine exuberance both on record and on stage.

Disc closer Convince Me kicks off with Green Day-light guitars before bringing in yet another poppy rhythmic hook that are one of the things that mark the whole disc.

While its still early days for Courage Have Courage their previous stage experience combined with this record and the fact they played the BBC Introducing Stage at the 2011 Reading & Leeds Festivals hints at the potential this band have to do something special, and maybe help put Guernsey’s uniquely vibrant musical counter-culture on the map and, while there is still room for growth, as pop records go its a long time since I’ve heard one I genuinely would choose to listen as much as this, especially All Night Long which has a habit or getting stuck in my head at the merest suggestion of listening to it.

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