So what is this all about?

Well like many other blogs on the big wide world of the internet it takes a look at film, music and, occasionally, books and gives you an opinion on them.

My aim with this blog is give my views on what I see, hear and read in the fair and balanced way I feel they deserve.

With that said a little bit on my philosophy of criticism (which sounds a lot fancier than it really is).

My aim is take anything from a fair perspective and give my honest opinions on them whether they are already perceived as classics, are new releases or are generally considered as utter rubbish — it has to be said I already don’t like quite a few so-called classic records and films and definitely have a soft spot for the rubbish but entertaining.

While I will not be focussing on any specific genres or styles my writing will follow my natural artistic inclinations so there is likely to be a random selection of movies and rock ‘n’ roll records, alongside blockbuster movies and whatever music may happen to take my fancy, which spans a lot of things and hopefully will continue to expand, and books wise is likely to be a lot of film and music related things, along with comics.

There may also be blogs on random other subjects as they come up, but we shall see what happens there!

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